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Welcome to Narrowboats Ltd Wincham Boat Sales, one of the leading narrow and widebeam brokerages in the UK. We pride ourselves on our friendly, non-pressure sales environment within a team of boating and alternative living enthusiasts.

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We specialise in building canal boats of all sizes and needs as well brokering used narrowboats and wide beams.

Whether it’s a top of the range new build you’re looking for or your a first time boater looking for a starter vessel, we can guide you throughout the process right from the start to your maiden voyage.

We have one of the largest selection of new or pre-owned canal boats on site and invite you to come and have a look around at our prestigious Wincham Wharf which first came onto the waterways in 1771.

Alternatively, if you would like a brand new boat built especially to your design, we’ll help to guide you in manufacturing your ideal build by showing examples of stock or if you’re still undecided we can show you a minimum of x40 builds at once to and showcase other clients ideas.

Whichever way you would like to move forward, our principles in customer service never change and we will always listen to what you want. Within our dedicated team, we have many years of experience with both Narrow Boats and Widebeams and we would love to share this experience so you too can fulfil a life on the water confident you’ve purchased the right boat.



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Narrowboats Ltd have been estimated at approximately 20% of the entire new build market but more importantly strive for 100% client satisfaction.

If you are looking for a quality and open minded new build process, we boast some of the quickest build times in the industry and if your new boat is going to be your sole residence you can take advantage of the VAT exemption that applies to some of our wide beam vessels.

Please feel free to give us a call if you would like more information, we are always available for a discussion on boats.

It’s well known that moving house can be a stressful time and if you are moving on to a narrowboat or widebeam for the first time we understand you may feel like it’s a step into the unknown.

That’s why we will help you from start to finish, not just with the boat itself but with the transport, delivery, craning, insurance, licensing, mooring and pride ourselves in our 5* after sales.

Living aboard a boat is something we believe to be a wonderful way of life and if this is something you wish to pursue, we look forward to helping you along the way.

If you are looking to sell your boat, we have some very competitive commission packages available. As well as our website your boat will be listed on many of the most popular platforms and a detailed brochure will be produced.

All viewings of your boat will be accompanied by a member of staff and our maintenance team will regularly check your boat while it is on site with us, running the engine, keeping batteries charged and in the winter lighting the fire before arranged viewings.

Wakthrough videos, valets, additional work as well as many other extras are included when opting for our popular Deluxe brokerage package. For more information on our brokerage packages see our brokerage hand book, in this you will see the real benefits of us being the force behind the sale of your boat.


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Please enjoy looking around our website and if you want any more information feel free to contact a member of our team.

  • How do I know my money is safe when buying a canal boat from you?

    We at Narrowboats Ltd Wincham Boat Sales have a secure clients account so that you know that if anything unforeseen was to happen to us as a business that your money is protected in our clients account.

  • If the survey I intend to orchestrate on the boat I am interested in, comes back with a few snags & rectification work needed, what do I do?

    90% of boats sold through our brokerage have work done here on site at Wincham Wharf prior to leaving. We would always suggest asking for a quote prior to making an offer on the vessel so that you know the modifications are within your budget. Although your deposit is refundable, we recommend quoting from the work needed and potentially deduct from the agreed sale price, basically renegotiate after your survey findings.

  • Do I get charged storage on a narrowboat or widebeam vessel I have a deposit on?

    No. You as the purchaser will only be charged storage as of 1 week after the initial proposed completion date given to you on your purchase agreement, Narrowboats Ltd Wincham Boat sales will provide 1 weeks free of charge hardstanding or moorings as a gesture of good will.

  • Should I have a survey?

    We at Narrowboat Ltd are at obligation to recommend surveys on any pre-owned boat as we do not offer warranty on any used canal boat or vessel. The craning and survey costs are always borne by the purchaser, however if you are struggling to find a surveyor then please do consult your Narrowboats Ltd representative and we will be happy to point you in the direction of an industry professional.

  • Do you do stage payments?

    No, the majority of our builds are standard ranges which we accept deposit on and only require final balance 1 week prior to the boat being delivered to your destination. These funds are all held in a client’s account which means your money is safe. Unless your vessel is a bespoke build only then would we consider stage payments.

  • Does my new narrowboat or widebeam have warranty?

    Every build comes with 12 Months warranty with the fabricator upon receipt of the boat, in case there are any initial problems when you first receive your vessel. Narrowboats ltd personally offer several care packages upon completion, which feature tuition of cruising your brand-new craft, ‘water nav’ the ‘sat nav’ of the waterways and canals plus lots of handy useful tips to help you get the best of your after sales experience.

  • I have an issue with my new build vessel...

    If something does go wrong with your new boat, do not panic. Of course, with anything new there can be problems that come to fruition after the first few days/months after purchase, we have a system in place to deal with your enquiry. After filling out one of our in-house warranty request forms and sending it back in to our Northwich office we will the do the rest. In no circumstance do you need to bring your boat back to us, we will send a man with a van out to you to address the warranty on average within 1 week approximately, depending on the time year. Narrowboats Ltd recommend RCR break down cover when insuring your vessel to prevent you from being stranded on the canal at any point, for a quicker and direct response.

  • How do I narrow down my search for my first boat?

    We believe at Narrowboats Ltd Wincham Boat Sales that it’s what you’re willing to compromise with rather than what you are not willing to compromise with that helps you narrow down your initial search for a boat. Once you have found the size, layout, style and of course budget to suit you we suggest you get out there on the inland waterways and view as many canal boats as possible.

  • What is the depreciation worth on a boat?

    Although there is not a set scale or percentage to depreciation it all varies on the maintenance, the time of year you intend to sell, the market in general and popularity of your style of boat at the time etc. We have of course seen a lot of boats that fit the liveaboard market appreciate in value rather than depreciate.

  • I have been told not to go for...

    Everything in our industry is opinion based, see example, our General Manager Liam Furby is in favour of hydraulic wheel steering as opposed to the traditional tiller steering where as another colleague of ours Scott Vickers is more used to and prefers the tiller style, A simple test cruise will help solve this debate for yourself/yourselves but in true fashion only time on the waterways will help form your own opinions. In the meantime, its best to ask for as many as possible to find what best suits you.

  • Do I need to arrange a valuation?

    Yes. A valuation is strongly recommended, this way we can talk you through the several different brokerage packages available to our vendors and it is also an opportunity for us to show you what we can offer to you as your broker.

  • What makes you any different to the other brokerages in the industry?

    We average selling over 100 canal boats, widebeam vessels, narrowboats and vessels every year. We pride ourselves in giving exceptional customer service, which is easy when you are passionate about what you do, we boast the highest amount of customer feedback and testimonials online, please see our testimonials page for further information.

  • Do you do accompanied viewings?

    Yes of course! We only ever do accompanied viewings, searching for a boat is hard enough without trying to figure out the industry on your own, we simplify this with a firm company policy of sitting you down before hand to help find exactly what you are looking for and then taking you down to the boat rather than just giving you the keys.

  • How long will it take for my canal boat to sell?

    Depending on what brokerage package you choose to go for, you then have an allocated number of days free of charge storage which of course our aim is to sell your boat in. The reason we do charge a storage rate is to safeguard us from people using our facilities for the benefit of free moorings. On average it takes approximately 60 days for a boat to sell on brokerage, however depending on the market, the price and the presentation there can be sometimes a longer or shorter sale time.

  • Do I get regular updates as a vendor?

    Yes. Upon your boat arriving here at Wincham Wharf, you yourself will designated with a Narrowboats Ltd representative who will be giving you constant feedback from the viewings carried out by all the staff at the Wharf, as well as areas we could possibly improve on in presentation, marketing or general observations. Your representative is appointed to you to help in any way they can so if you have any queries do not hesitate in asking them.


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